MSHA Part 48(b) Annual Refresher Training

The MSHA Annual Refresher Training is a renewal course of mine safety and health topic areas. This course is required annually to maintain compliance with MSHA. 

Who Should Attend

Individuals in the mining industry.

Course Outline

Topics included in the course: 15-Minute Rule, Accident Prevention, Electrical Hazards, Escape and Emergency Evacuation Procedures, Explosives, Fire Warning and Firefighting, First Aid, Ground Control and Highwall Safety, Hazard Communication, Health (Dust and Noise), Mandatory Safety and Health Standards, Miners' Rights and Responsibilities, MSHA Rules to Live By, Self Rescue and Respiratory Devices, Surface Powered Haulage, Welding Safety


Completion of the 8-hour course, MSHA Part 48(b) Annual Refresher Training Certificate of Completion, MSHA 5000-23 Form


This course is intended for individuals who have successfully completed and have received MSHA Part 48(b) New Miner Training certification and/or have received MSHA Part 48(b) Annual Refresher Training and are in need of renewing their certification.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Instructor: Peggy Merritt
UT JJ Pickle Research Campus


Karina Lemanczyk